Science of Synthesis Release 4.28 now available with early view articles

Science of Synthesis, Thieme’s definitive online resource for reliable synthetic methods in organic chemistry,now provides the international chemistry community with earlier access to expert reviews of some of the most exciting and dynamic areas of organic chemistry. Two papers on C—H functionalization are pre-published with this update, which also includes a complete Knowledge Update volume focusing on modern methods for the synthesis of alkenes. For more information, please see below.

Release: SOS 4.28, April 2023 (

New Content: Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates

SOS is continuously updated with high-quality content using clearly defined criteria for method selection as well as established editorial processes. The Editorial Board, in conjunction with the volume editors and expert authors, reviews the whole field of synthetic organic chemistry as presented in SOS and evaluates significant developments in synthetic methodology. This release will see the addition of one new update volume comprising approx. 480 printed pages.

SOS Knowledge Updates 2023/1 highlights

The whole volume focuses on modern methods for the synthesis of alkenes. All contributions were edited by Prof. Guosheng Liu (Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry)

  1. Synthesis of alkenes by palladium-catalyzed crosscoupling reactions with carbene precursors (K. Wang and J. Wang)
  2. Synthesis of alkenes by cross-coupling and Heck reactions
    (C.-Y. Ho and D. Raja)
  3. Alkyl-Mizoroki–Heck-type reactions (Lei and S. Tang)
  4. Asymmetric p-allyl substitution reactions (R. Jiang, P. Yang, and S.-L. You)
  5. Allylic C-H functionalization (P.-S. Wang, M. Sayed, and L.-Z. Gong)
  6. Synthesis of alkenes by a,ß-dehydrogenation (X. Jie and W. Su)
  7. Synthesis of alkenes via hydrogenation of alkynes and allenes
    (X. Liu, B. Liu, and Q. Liu)
  8. Synthesis of alkenes via metal-catalyzed hydrofunctionalizations
    (Z. Cheng, Y. Zheng, and Z. Lu)
  9. Synthesis of functionalized alkenes by metalcatalyzed coupling of carbonyls with alkynes/allenes (Z. Lin, R. Tao, and Y. Zhao)
  10. Synthesis of alkenes via radical addition reactions (P. Chen and G. Liu)

Early View Articles now available

From now on, new SOS content will be released more often, allowing you earlier access to expert reviews of some of the most exciting and dynamic areas in organic chemistry. Read selected new SOS reviews as soon as they have been edited. There is no need to wait for a whole volume to be complete. To be informed every time new content is released, sign up for the Science of Synthesis Alerts here! You will then receive an email whenever new content is added to SOS.

  1. C—H functionalization catalyzed by lowvalent cobalt (N. Yoshikai)
  2. C—H functionalization catalyzed by cobalt(III)/Cp* and related complexes
    (T. Yoshino and S. Matsunaga)


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