Minesoft launch patent citation analysis option in PatBase Analytics V2

Leading patent solutions provider, Minesoft, has announced the launch of a new citation analysis module within the PatBase Analytics V2 platform, offering easy-to-understand visualisations that provide a reliable overview of citations by company, year or filing location.

The volume and complexity of patent citations makes it a difficult area to effectively navigate, however, with the right tools it is also an exceptionally valuable one for competitive/business intelligence purposes. An accurate citation analysis requires calculations that involve the analysis of a very large number of patents where data quality and internationally broad content is paramount.

PatBase now offers built-in analysis of global patent citations, allowing streamlined access for all users to process this huge amount of data and create stunning visualisations which are ideal for sharing in boardroom environments – even to those without patent know-how! Users can quickly identify players working in a similar technology area, new competitors entering their field, potential licensing opportunities and keep an eye on potential infringers in the sea of data.

A ground-breaking new citation network component has been added to PatBase Analytics V2. This tool provides a new way to interrogate your result set, creating highly engaging and visually stunning representations of complex patent citation networks. There are a range of features and settings that allow users to manipulate and arrange the networks so that they can be tailored to be as insightful and analytically useful as required.

After extensive research and development, we are delighted to have launched the Citation Network Explorer component for Analytics V2.” Says James Gray, lead software developer at Minesoft. “Considerable effort has been made, and technical challenges overcome so that we can now provide yet another high-quality tool that adds real, genuine value, seamlessly into our Analytics package. Well done to our team and everyone involved.

Minesoft, which has offices in the UK, USA and Germany, has developed a suite of patent solutions that help many Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies exploit the intelligence found in the most comprehensive source of ideas available – patents.

Flagship product, PatBase, was launched in partnership with RWS in 2003 and has since gone on to attract over 70,000 users worldwide, from the best-known names in industry as well as leading patent-litigating law firms, academic institutions, national patent offices and patent search firms. PatBase is renowned globally for its high-quality, comprehensive data and cutting-edge search and analysis functionalities.

The citation analysis is PatBase Analytics V2 is highly interactive with extensive drill-down options available.


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